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Smoking Hot Sluts

We all have our various kinks and fixations. We all have those niches that turn us on more than anything else. I have no problem disclosing that smoking girls make my cock hard as granite. Ever since high school, every time I’ve seen a girl light up a cigarette I couldn’t help but want to fuck her. That’s no different for when I see porn online either.

Lucky me, there’s a site called Glamour Smokers and now I have a new reason to jack off. These women are knockouts, and the site goes above and beyond to put them in the best light to heighten their inherent hotness even more. The way they hold those cigarettes and hold their mouth slightly open makes me imagine how good they’d pleasure my cock.

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Sexy Babe Smoking a Stogie

It’s not very often that a picture is able to capture the essence of everything I find sexy. There are just certain things that are guaranteed to make a man stiff between the legs. These pics of a bikini girl smoking a cigar had me hard as soon as I saw them. The sexy chick goes by Lillian, and she’s got it going on. Her long dark hair, attitude that shows through clear as a bell, and perfect physical physique are more than I can resist.

On top of all that, she’s in a hot tub. Now that’s hot. There’s just something about hot tubs that make every man think of sex. All those bubbles and jets thrusting gets us excited every time. Throw a hot babe in there wearing a sexy bikini, and we’re putty in your hands. Then you throw in the fact that she’s smoking a fat stogie, and you’ve got the woman of my dreams. Once she strips down her clothes, she uses the bubbles to tease viewers even more.


Intense Domination Dreams

If you aren’t familiar with Dominated Girls, then you have no idea what you’ve been missing out on. I’ve been an avid porn viewer for years, and I’ve never seen a site as sexy as this one. It’s intense, hardcore female dominated porn at its finest and right now you can take advantage of this offer and get Dominated Girls with an 86% off discount.

The babes featured here are stunningly gorgeous and have the biggest sexual appetites I’ve ever seen. Gina Gerson, Aletta Ocean, Marica Hase, are just a few of the big name porn stars you’ll get to see being dominated by either guys or girls depending upon the scenario. The action covers fisting, pussy-licking, spanking, titty fucking and so much more.

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Blowing Much More Than Smoke

As much as I wish there were more smoking porn out there, sometimes I have to settle for other forms of oral activity. With sites like Blow Pass though, it really doesn’t feel like settling at all. In fact, I thoroughly enjoy every moment that I spend there.

Blow Pass is a network of porn all dealing with oral sex, or more specifically, blowjobs. There are 5 sites that are included and they all have their own special niche.

Throated is probably the roughest of the sites. It is all deep throat blowjobs and face fucking. You will see lots of running mascara and gagging here. Sometimes nostrils are plugged to make the action even more extreme.

1000 Facials features sexy pornstars down on their knees sucking cock and getting their face blasted with cum at the finish. It’s straight forward and highly satisfying.

Only Teen Blowjobs and Mommy Blows Best are exactly as their names imply. One has naughty teens bobbing knob and the other is nothing but MILFs mouthing men until they cum. The latter is probably my personal top pick in the network. Their Milfs are top notch.

Finally there is Immoral Live which is a pornstar cam site that may not involve cigarettes, but it is smoking hot.

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She’ll Puff on Anything

I love watching girls wrap their pretty lips around a lit cigarette. Watching them take a long intentful drag and slowly inhale, visibly become relaxed and then exhaling sexy tendrils of smoke that billow around them beckoning me. Of course I can’t help but look at a hot babe smoking and imagine those same lips wrapping around my cock. Would they so easily puff away at my member, taking it all in to satisfy that craving that deep down they know they just can’t kick?

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It Is What It Sounds Like

Now, I think that most of the male population would agree with me in saying that a good dick sucking is one of the best feelings in the world. There’s just nothing quite like looking down and seeing a beautiful woman open her mouth and suck on  your rock hard cock. Hell I’m getting hard just thinking about it.

The act of oral sex just happens to be one of the most common first sexual acts a girl experiences. That means they get the most practice at it. There are girls that wrap their lips around a hard cock for the first time and their pussy gets instantly wet. Those are the kind of women I want in my life. Well, I may not be able to surround myself with them really, but I can save $20 on We Like To Suck with this discount and watch all the sexy ladies I wish I could be with. You won’t find a site with hotter ladies that have mastered the art of sucking dick like you’ll find right here.

Show Her How It’s Done Mom

My family is a little strange. We’re very open sexually. I’ve seen my dad and step mom fuck on several occasions. Hell, my step mom is the very first woman to ever give me head. Sounds weird I know, but my dad married a much younger woman and she’s fine as hell so what was I supposed to do.

A few years ago I started dating this chick and I really liked her but she had no sexual experience at all. I thought it would be cool to get to teach her. Turns out it was super annoying and I didn’t have the patience for it. One night she was over at the house and she was trying to give me head but she just couldn’t figure it out. Finally I yelled for my mom to come in and show her how it’s done.

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Fetish Girls Smoking Live

Not as many girls smoke as they used to. And few girls tag themselves as smokers on cam sites. What used to be such a common thing now seems to fall into fetish territory. In fact, the last time that I was on, there were over 6,000 models online, but only a few dozen labeled themselves as smokers. That’s not wholly accurate though. I have found that lots of other girls are more than happy to light up if you ask.

Obviously, smoking isn’t healthy and it has been harshly labeled as a dirty habit. In fact, I hardly smoke at all anymore. But that’s not why I enjoy watching girls who do. Maybe it’s the oral fixation. Maybe it’s the way they suck it in, inhaling, holding for a moment, and then letting that smoke slowly flow back out, over their tongue and between their lips. It’s seductive, and it does not need to be cigarettes. You know a crap ton of these cam girls smoke weed!

It may not be as easy to find smoking xxx cams as it used to be, but they are out there.

Show Me A Little More

Zishy is my new favorite porn site. They have the hottest girls and they know it. These girls are so gorgeous they don’t even have to take off their clothes. They take off just enough to make you want to see more and then leave you hanging. Sounds like torture, but I fucking love it.

I’m tired of all the porn showing you everything. It leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination. It’s like hiring a hooker, you know you’re going to fuck so why bother putting forth any effort. You see when I’m on a date I’d rather the girl be modest and make me put in work. When I earn something I enjoy it even more.

These girls are in various stages of dress that make you want them to take it all off. You’ll be begging to see more and loving the fact that you can’t. There’s nothing hotter than a girl wearing panties and a tshirt now is there? Get this discount offer and be teased until you blow.

Not Knowing Is The Best Part

Let me ask you a question fellas. Have you ever stuck your cock in a glory hole? Do you know what a glory hole is? It’s a hole usually in a public restroom and you stick your cock in it and then someone on the other side of the wall pleases you. Sound scary? It is. You have no clue who’s on the other side. You can’t see the person, you can only feel. That’s what adds to the intensity.

It could be anyone over there playing with your dick. You have no idea what’s going to happen. You’re offering your cock up as a sacrifice. Allowing whoever is over there to do whatever they want with it. It could be the hottest chick ever or it could be a dude sucking you off. You just close your eyes and imagine what you want it to be. Right now spend just $6.66/mth with a Huge Cock Gloryholes discount and watch as these guys get blindly brought to climax.