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Month: January, 2020

Oh Yes Please Daddy!

Submissive sex is one of the most common fetishes and one I too enjoy in a healthy way. Perhaps I shouldn’t say “healthy” way because I’m implying that people who do it more hardcore than me are doing it unhealthy and that’s judgemental and wrong. All I mean is I like it but as long as it’s not too hectic.

I bit of hair pulling, some back scratching, some biting that doesn’t break the skin and perhaps a bit of choking; those are the things I like and there’s plenty of that at this site.

They also bring many other disciplines and niches in their scenes that I have not had the opportunity of trying so not only do they make for great fantasies but also, I’m adding a ton of them to my bucket list. Things I would definitely like to try while I still can.

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Take Every Inch Slut

We all the those girls who just don’t know when to shut the fuck up. Nag nag nag naggity nag! Bitch, shut up! It’s like they’re just begging you to grab them by the hair, pull them to their knees, and ram your cock all the way down their slutty whorish throats. That’ll show them!

But these days it’s not always a good idea to throat fuck a girl when she’s talking. You need to at least take her out to dinner first and see if she’s into it. Hey, that’s just my advice to you. I wouldn’t want you getting into trouble with the law or anything.

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