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Sluts with Oral Fixations

If you like seeing beautiful babes with their mouths wrapped around cigarettes, just imagine how hot it is going to be to see those lips around throbbing cocks instead. Some chicks just love having something in their mouth. The ladies here certainly have an oral fixation, and they have a lack of gag reflex to go with it.

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Everyone loves sex, but not everyone loves cum as much as these babes. American Cum Dolls are those beauties who don’t just like to be fucked and filled with cock, but they love to be coated in cum from head to toe.

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She’s got an Oral Fixation

They say a lot of smokers do so because they have to have something to do with their hands and mouths. That’s why people who are quitting often chew gum or eat sunflower seeds and fumble with fidget spinners to pass the time. For some girls, they have found a better way to occupy their mouths.

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Smoking-Hot Penis Puffers

I’ve long been a fan of two things when it comes to my perversions. A smoking woman and a woman who knows how to suck a cock. There’s just something about seeing a babe wrap her pretty lips around an object that is so erotic to me. I used to watch as a babe would bring her cigarette to her lips and wonder why it was making my cock stir. As it turns out, it’s because it reminded me of what she would look like puffing on my flesh cigar. 

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She Wraps Her Lips Around Several Cocks

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I enjoyed the content here. They have beautiful light-skinned white girls that enjoy hooking up with BBC. That leads to some great scenes with erotic action. There isn’t a lot of detail put into the shoot location but the lighting and camera work is off the charts and the skill of these seasoned pornstars are on display for all to see. The chemistry between the stars is what makes this site what it is. 

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She’ll Puff on Anything

I love watching girls wrap their pretty lips around a lit cigarette. Watching them take a long intentful drag and slowly inhale, visibly become relaxed and then exhaling sexy tendrils of smoke that billow around them beckoning me. Of course I can’t help but look at a hot babe smoking and imagine those same lips wrapping around my cock. Would they so easily puff away at my member, taking it all in to satisfy that craving that deep down they know they just can’t kick?

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