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Sexy Babe Smoking a Stogie

It’s not very often that a picture is able to capture the essence of everything I find sexy. There are just certain things that are guaranteed to make a man stiff between the legs. These pics of a bikini girl smoking a cigar had me hard as soon as I saw them. The sexy chick goes by Lillian, and she’s got it going on. Her long dark hair, attitude that shows through clear as a bell, and perfect physical physique are more than I can resist.

On top of all that, she’s in a hot tub. Now that’s hot. There’s just something about hot tubs that make every man think of sex. All those bubbles and jets thrusting gets us excited every time. Throw a hot babe in there wearing a sexy bikini, and we’re putty in your hands. Then you throw in the fact that she’s smoking a fat stogie, and you’ve got the woman of my dreams. Once she strips down her clothes, she uses the bubbles to tease viewers even more.